Automatic Fever Screening System

Fevo is a range of Automatic fever screening systems. Fevo products are designed for the utmost precautions against potential COVID-19 spread by detecting, the most common symptom, Fever. Fevo measures body temperature with 99.5% accuracy in no time (0.5 sec). Fevo is a 100% Make in India product powered by the accurate and trusted Omron Sensor (Japan) inside. Fevo product range comprises of Fevo+ and FevoBot designed for manual and automatic fever screening. Fevo being smart & connected products, the fever screening data is available to log digitally for better recordkeeping.

Automatic Fever Screening System. It has an accurate contactless infrared temperature sensor.

Automatic Fever Screening System

Fevobot is an Automatic Fever Screening System. Fevobot can perform a rapid fever check (in 0.5Sec) with 99.5% accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for places with large footfalls. FevoBot works independently (without human moderation) by installing it on a wall or tripod for autonomous fever detection and alerting premises with its sound alarm technology when fever detected.


Automatic Fever Screening System. It has an accurate contactless infrared temperature sensor.
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Fever Detection

On the Go

Fevo+ is a contactless, compact, and connected infrared fever screening system. Fevo+ can be seamlessly connected to any Android Phone/Tablet using a USB-C port. It enables instant fever detection (0.5sec) with high accuracy (99.5%) and performs red-flagging in the Android app. This makes it an ideal solution for accurate body-temperature measurement and record-keeping on the Fevo Mobile App.

Highly Accurate

Fevo takes pride in its high data accuracy. The Fevo sensors have passed through rigorous testing and calibration process to offer medical-grade precision results. The real-time temperature can be viewed on the Fevobot display or Mobile App. 

Smart & Connected mobile thermometer for COVID Fever Screening. It has an accurate contactless infrared temperature sensor.

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How can I buy Fevo products?

You can buy the Fevo product from us and our distributors. Currently, there is no direct buying link from our website. But you can get in touch with us on or you can call on: +91-8866660054.

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Are Fevo+ and FevoBot made in India products?

All the Fevo products are made in India. Fevo+ and Fevobot are designed and manufactured in India. Fevo range developed under the umbrella of Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Each product is carefully tested at our facility, before the dispatch to ensure the best performance and smooth functioning of the product.


Are Fevo+ and FevoBot imported from China?

NO, both the products (Fevo+ & Fevobot) are designed, developed, and manufactured in India.