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How do Fevo products measure body temperature without touching the body?

Fevo product uses advanced infrared thermopile sensors with high sensitivity, specially calibrated for measuring body skin temperature. Fevo infrared temperature sensors capture the infrared rays emitted from the body and determine equivalent to the body temperature. You can measure the body temperature from a comfortable distance of 50-80 mm (device tip to the body).

Are Fevo+ and FevoBot made in India products?

All the Fevo products are made in India. Fevo+ and Fevobot are designed and manufactured in India. Fevo range developed under the umbrella of Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Each product is carefully tested at our facility, before the dispatch to ensure best performance and smooth functioning of the product.

How can I buy Fevo products? How can I buy Fevo products?

You can buy the Fevo product from us and our distributors. Currently, there is no direct buying link from our website. But you can get in touch with us on or you can call on: +91-8866660054. In case of bulk order, you can fill this form: We will be happy to help you with all your requirements.

Are Fevo products IP protected?

Fevo products are designed to work best in indoors or outdoors under the roof. We do not recommend using the products in the rainy conditions or in direct sunlight. Fevo products are not protected against water or heavy dust environments. If you want to install Fevobot in the outdoor condition, we recommend protecting the device with a rood or a shield.

Why do Fevo products show different readings than thermometers?

There are multiple reasons why you are not getting satisfactory results in the Fevo device. Some of them are listing below:

  • Dust on the sensor lens: If you are using the Fevo device in an outdoor/dusty environment, clean the device sensor lens with wet cotton gentally.
  • Sweat on the body: If your forehead is sweating, there might be daviation in readings.
  • Measuring body temperature immediately after having a meal.
  • Fevo devices usually do not require recalibration for upto three years. But in rare cases, devices may show daviation.

What all certifications Fevo products have?

Fevo products have all the safety and performance certificates to ensure optimum safety and accurate results. Currently, Fevo+ and Fevobot have CE, FCC, RoHS certificates. In addition, the company has also tested and certified a Fevo device from NABL lab for device performance.

Are Fevo+ and FevoBot imported from China?

Both Fevo+ and Fevobot are designed, developed and manufactured in India.

I want to promote Fevo products in my country, how can I do it?

You can get in touch with us via email or phone. Phone: +91-8866660054 Email: Request form: We love to talk about business and we will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

My Fevo product is not working, how can I claim warranty?

All the Fevo products come with one year of warranty. If you find any manufacturing defect or face performance issues within warranty period, you can claim warranty. You can reach out directly to us on or you can get in touch with your reseller.

Do I need to calibrate Fevo products?

No, all the Fevo products are well calibrated in the lab before dispatch to ensure best performance. Fevo devices do not show deviation over the period of time.


Can I use Fevo+ on the iOS system?

Currently, Fevo products are supported only with Android devices. Since, iOS devices don't support OTG connection, we are not able to offer connectivity with Ipone.

How can I download Fevo app in my Android phone?

You can download Fevo app from play store. The Fevo app is compatible for the Android 5. 1 and above. Here is a quick link for the application:

Can I create Multiple profiles in the Fevo mobile application?

Yes, Fevo application allows you to create multiple profiles. You can add the profile of your family members, your employees and store their temperature readings. There is no limit on the number of profiles in the application. You can create as many profiles as you want.

Is there a limit on the data storage in my Fevo mobile application?

Since Fevo+ uses your phone's storage. It's up to you how many days of data you want to store.

Can I use Fevo+ for my kid?

Fevo+ uses contactless technology for body temperature measurement. You can measure body temperature by just placing Fevo+ near to the forehead without touching it. You can use Fevo+ to measure body temperature of your kid by ensuring oral hygiene and keeping a track on their health.

Can I use Fevo+ for self diagnosis?

Yes, you can use Fevo+ for self diagnosis. We prescribe Fevo+ to be used as the primary personal care. Note: The measured body temperature cannot supersede doctor's diagnosis or consultation. See a doctor, in case of abnormal body temperature result is found.

Can I use Fevo+ in my tablet and Laptop?

Fevo+ can be used with Android smartphone and Tablet with Fevo mobile application. However with the device integration, you can also use the device with your existing ERP software.


Can I use FevoBot on a tripod?

FevoBot can be connected to a tripod through a screw holder at the bottom of the device. Make sure to place the tripod in an indoor environment/ under the roof for accurate results.

How can I Integrate FevoBot with the existing biometric attendance system?

Yes, Fevobot can be integrated with the existing biometric attendance device. However, the integration shall be done from the attendance device company. For all the Integration related queries, kindly drop a mail at or contact us at +91-8866660054.

How can I change the unit from °C to °F in my FevoBot display?

You can change the display setting from °C to °F. Simply remove the Fevo+ (attached nozzle of FevoBot) from the FevoBot and attach it to your phone. Open the FEVO application on your phone and change the unit from the settings. Place the Fevo+ in the holder and the display will now show an updated unit.

Can I directly attach FevoBot to my Android tablet and use it?

FevoBot's functions are not to be used with your tablet or phone. It can be either used as a self assessment device or an integrated solution. In case of usage with your tablet, you can remove Fevo+ (nozzle part of the FevoBot) from the device and plug it into your phone. And use Fevo+ through the Fevo application.

Can I use FevoBot in outdoor condition?

For accurate temperature readings and longevity of the usage, we suggest the device to be used indoors, with the ambient surroundings. We do not recommend installing the product in direct sunlight. The proximity sensor for auto human detection may not work in the direct sunlight.

We have an existing ERP system, can I integrate Fevobot data in our system?

Yes, we allow Fevo integration with ERP or other Access Control Systems. For all integration related queries, kindly drop a mail at or contact us at +91-8866660054.

Can I use a Fevobot without a power cable?

The power cable is required to charge your FevoBot device. Although, the cable need not be plugged in the device continuously. With the battery capacity of 1500 mAh, Fevobot will have 7 days of standby backup.

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