5 reasons why Fevobot is the most Accurate Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In this time of the global crisis of COVID-19 spread, various precautionary measures are taken to reduce the spread of the disease such as social distancing, temperature screening, etc. Fever detection has become an important precautionary measure at hospitals, airports, offices, businesses, and other establishments. They have implemented the body temperature measurement of all the staff, customers, and visitors to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Non-contact Infrared thermometers are commonly used for safe and quick temperature screening. Infrared temperature sensors capture the infrared rays emitted from the body and determine equivalent to the body temperature. They are contactless, thus eliminating the risk of being infected while measuring body temperature.

There are a large number of options available for infrared thermometers in the market for fever detection. So which one should you choose? The most critical factor to be considered while selecting a contactless infrared thermometer is its accuracy.

Fevobot is a contactless automatic wall-mounted thermometer. Fevobot can perform a rapid fever check (in 0.5Sec) with 99.5% accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for places with large footfalls. FevoBot works independently (without human moderation) by installing it on a wall or tripod or connecting with a smart device like Tablet, Computer, or Biometric Attendance system for data-logging.
Fevobot | Temperature accuracy the most important in Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Fever is an important indicator of infection. Hence, its early detection can help you stop the spread of such infectious diseases. Imagine if a COVID-19 infected person with fever enters your premises because your fever detection system was unable to correctly measure his/her body temperature. All the other people become at risk of infection through contact or breathing virus-laden air. Even with other precautionary measures, there is a risk of infection. And its cost is very high. You will need to sanitise the whole building and take measures of isolating all other people who came in contact with the infected. Not only that, but it would also reflect on the image of your business as well. Customers and even staff would develop a fear of infection. To avoid such a chain of events, your fever detection system must be accurate.

Accuracy of a fever detection system depends on:

  1. The reliability of the infrared thermal sensor - Fevo product uses Contactless Omron (Japan) Infrared Thermal Sensor inside. These advanced infrared thermopile sensors have high sensitivity, specially calibrated for measuring body skin temperature.

  2. Effect of the ambient environment - The ambient temperature conditions are known to affect the contactless body temperature measurement. This leads to inaccurate measurements. Fevo product passes through a series of calibration and quality checks to deliver temperature measurement with 99.5% accuracy (as per NABL Accredited Lab Certificate). Fevobot automatically gets calibrated as per the ambient conditions within 30 seconds of initiation. This auto stabilization feature makes Fevobot a preferred choice to be used under any ambient conditions without having any impact on its accuracy.

  3. Method of measurement - The measurement accuracy of the handheld infrared thermometers depends on human factors such as the stability of the hand, proximity to the sensor, etc. A Contactless automatic wall-mounted thermometer works independently, without any human intervention.

  4. Deviation with long term use - It is important to ensure that there is no or negligible deviation in the temperature sensor measurement even after long term use. Your fever detection system should be reliable even after multiple measurements and long term use.

  5. Obstructions - For an accurate body temperature measurement, it is important to ensure that there are no obstructions in the way of the sensor. Fevo uses an inbuilt proximity sensor that can detect a human or an object in the range and ensures that there is a clear path to the surface of the body for accurate measurement.

Your search for an accurate contactless infrared thermometer ends here.

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