5 things to look for while selecting the right Contactless Infrared Thermometer for Fever screening

Fever is a common symptom in more than 98% COVID-19 cases. Hence, temperature screening of everyone entering a premise is essential for COVID safety measures. Maintaining body temperature data is a COVID compliance at public hotspots like Corporate Parks, Public Places, Malls, Factories, Educational Institutes etc. The conventional methods of manual body-temperature check by an attendant using infrared thermometers become a bottleneck due to time constraints as well as lack of digitization of the data. The manual screening also increases the chances of error, alternatively, there are contactless automatic IR thermometers for fever screening systems but the selection of the right instrument becomes crucial. Here are 5 things to look for while making the right choice:

Sensor Accuracy

Sensor accuracy becomes key when it comes to measuring the temperature of a person during a pandemic. Imagine the scenario if a person with a high fever passes a fever screening system without getting detected. There are high chances of that person being a potential carrier of the virus and becomes a source of spread to his/her workplace or home. Sensors calibrated at nationally recognized laboratories and authenticated by certificates become a must. Contactless automatic wall-mounted thermometer like Fevo are enabled with Omron thermopile sensors assuring 99.5 % accuracy and are certified by NABL accredited laboratory.

Power consumption

The current IR thermometers are powered by batteries and often seen drained. This becomes highly dangerous as during rush hours the attendants may skip screening everyone during the replacement of the battery. Also, places with high footfalls will result in a higher frequency of battery replacement. Fevo+ does not require external power. It operates on power from the USB C port of the Android Phone/Tablet. Wall-mounted infrared thermometer, FevoBot comes with an 1800 mAh battery and has a battery backup of 24 hours.

Ease of operation

The carefree attitude of the operator along with a lack of knowledge may result in varying results of temperature measurement while screening a person using a handheld device. With the current IR thermometers lacking a proximity sensor, any person can be measured without pointing at the correct body part. Wall-mounted thermometers like Fevo overcome this limitation as a proximity sensor is included in the design.

Data storage

Limited availability in the handheld thermal guns often leads the attendants to manually registering the measurement data. Moreover, another step is added while digitizing the data to submit to the administrative department of a company. Fevo’s wall-mounted thermometer provides unlimited data storage and can be integrated into any software for sharing the data. The Fevo app when used with Fevo+ enables the user to share a .CSV file using third-party applications.


The Fevo+ is a pocket-sized design unline the bulky thermal guns. It fits into any small space and is ideal for using along with a smartphone for fever detection on the go. The contactless wall-mounted thermometer, FevoBot, can also be fixed on any glass using adhesive tapes, wall using screws and tripod using the mount on the bottom surface.

How Fevo+ better than IR thermometer

Conventional IR thermometers used by attendants to measure body temperature are inefficient. Due to constant alteration in the distance of the measurement, the reading varies every time. This results in a high error and false results. Moreover, the record-keeping of the data and its digitisation is a tedious task.

Fevo+ is a better and more efficient alternative, it offers rapid body temperature check (0.5 sec per measurement). Fevo+ uses OMRON thermopile sensor with 99.5% accuracy which is proven by NABL Accredited Lab. Equipped with its distance sensor, temperature check is done from the same distance every time. Through its USB-C connectivity with Mobile phone / Tablet, hassle-free digital record keeping is possible in the mobile app which can be further exported in CSV.

As a better and cost-effective alternative, Fevobot is an automatic and comprehensive solution for accurate body-temperature monitoring and hassle-free record-keeping.

Story of Fevo

Fevo was developed to address the inappropriate and mismanaged process of fever-screening for COVID compliances. With Fever being the most common symptom in COVID-19 carriers, temperature monitoring of people was not only crucial but also a strict mandate. Performing accurate body temperature check is tedious & time taking at places with large footfalls like Corporate Parks, Public Places, Malls, Factories, Educational Institutes etc. The conventional methods of manual body temperature check by an attendant using infrared thermometer became a bottleneck due to time constraints as well as lack of digitisation of the data. The manual screening also increases the chances of error, alternatively, there are sophisticated fever screening systems but they are not scalable due to their high costs.

Fevo products are better, accurate and cost-competitive and offer a comprehensive solution for fever screening and hassle-free record-keeping.

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