7 Advantage of Contactless Handsfree Infrared Thermometer Fevobot

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Fevobot is a contactless automatic wall-mounted thermometer. Fevobot can perform a rapid fever check (in 0.5 Sec) with 99.5% accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for places with large footfalls.

Fevobot | Contactless Automatic Wall-mounted Thermometer

Most advanced Contact less Automatic Wall-mounted Thermometer from Fevo

Fevobot is an Automatic Fever Screening System. It efficiently offers rapid fever check (in 0.5Sec) making it an ideal solution for places with large footfall like Corporate Parks, Public Places, Malls, Factories, Educational Institutes etc. The FevoBot automatically detects a person standing in front of the system and instantly measures the body-temperature with 99.5% accuracy. Fevobot is 100% Make in India product powered by an accurate and trusted Omron (Japan) Sensor inside. Based on the reading, Fevobot gives the Fever status in the form of LED & a Buzzer feedback. Fevobot alarms instantly in case of Fever-detection to alert about a possible COVID-19 carrier. Fevobot can be used independently by installing on a wall or tripod as well as connected with a smart device like Tablet, Computer or Biometric Attendance system for data-logging.

These are some of the features that will make fever detection at your office easy.

Autonomous Monitoring & Screening

FevoBot performs fever-check without any human moderation. It is an independent system which works autonomous for fever screening at important check-points.

Instant Measurement (0.5 Sec)

Fevobot performs a temperature check within 0.5 sec with 99.5% accuracy. This makes Fevobot an ideal solution to screen a longer queue or a crowd at public hotspots.

Auto Stabilisation for higher precision

Fevobot automatically gets calibrated as per the ambient conditions within 30 seconds of initiation. This auto stabilisation feature makes Fevobot a preferred choice to be used under any ambient conditions without having any impact on its accuracy.

High Accuracy (99.5%)

Fevobot performs accurate temperature check using Contactless Omron Infrared Thermal Sensor. Every Fevobot passes through series of calibration and quality checks to deliver temperature measurement with 99.5% accuracy (as per NABL Accredited Lab Certificate).

Versatile Mounting Arrangements

Fevobot is designed for Wall, Glass and Tripod mounting arrangement. It can be attached on a wall using wall screws, on glass using adhesive tape and tripod using tripod-mount screw in the bottom.

Battery Backup

Fevobot comes with an internal battery to last for sufficient amount of time in case of power loss.

Data Connectivity

Fevobot can connect with a biometric attendance system or an access control system using USB-A Connector. It can communicate using a proprietary USB-Protocol. The data integration protocol can be provided for device-to-device communication. Fevobot can also be connected with a system operating on Android, Linux or Windows using USB-A connector. Fevobot can also communicate with a software/application running in the system using USB-Communication Protocol.

So, are you still using the irritable manual thermal gun for fever screening? It is a good time for an upgrade.

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