Why our Contactless Automatic Wall-mounted Thermometer is perfect for your office and workspace.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

By the time of today, people around the globe have accepted the fact that the global pandemic- COVID-19 is not bidding goodbye. We have learnt to adapt to live with it.

With effective early detection tools for the symptoms of COVID-19 - most common being fever, we can prevent the boost. Over the period of past few months when and where everything is opening up to save the economy, proper care and precautions are a mandate.

Fevobot is a contactless automatic wall-mounted thermometer. Fevobot can perform a rapid fever check (in 0.5Sec) with 99.5% accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for places with large footfalls. FevoBot works independently (without human moderation) by installing it on a wall or tripod or connecting with a smart device like Tablet, Computer, or Biometric Attendance system for data-logging.
Fevobot | Contactless Automatic Wall-mounted Thermometer

Airports, malls, office complexes, restaurants - places where the footfalls are evident, temperature screening measures can be a highly effective early detection tool that can lower down the risks of the spread.

Now, before putting a foot forward, one has to go through the new normal which is temperature screening and sanitisation. But the question is are these handheld temperature screening devices really effective? The answer is no.

Henceforth, we welcomed Fevo. Grateful to its ability to provide instant, contact-less, digital, infrared temperature readings, Fevo is a highly effective prevention measure for all.

Temperature at snap!

The Fevo+ - a smart handheld infrared thermometer, connected to your phone provides one with instant red-flagging in less than 0.5 seconds. It is suitable for smaller scale businesses. It measures the temperature and records the temperature of employees or people and records the data.

Places with large numbers of footfalls invites the problem of queuing and consequently time. To curb that problem FevoBot automatic wall-mounted thermometer is the ideal device. It is an unmanned, mountable device. Businesses can save valuable time.

Unmanned temperature checks

Fevobot is 100% contactless and automatic infrared thermometer, so you do not need to assign a dedicated person to monitor body temperature of staff and visitor.

By opting for FevoBot, businesses are mitigating the need to have an attendant at the entrance. For large companies that have multiple entrances, the labor cost quickly degrades with solutions like FevoBot.

Contactless temperature checks

Mount the FevoBot on a wall, or on a stand (it has fixings for both) and it becomes completely contactless, reducing the chances of transmission of COVID-19.This is vital for the health and safety of staff within large organisations.

Being able to either wall mount or stand mount this thermometer also means it can be placed anywhere in your workplace.

Instant fever alerts

The Fevo+ and FevoBot will display on its LED screen within a span of 0.5 seconds or less of the temperature. If the temperature is high, the unit will flash red and beeps continuously. Instant red-flagging! This can detect a possible COVID-19 carrier.

The readings are incredibly accurate. With a precise thermometer, the places can curb the spread by not allowing the entry. This helps places become more efficient and safer.

With businesses planning to re-open full fledgedly, it is imperative that they start considering the decision to implement temperature screening technology as a way to ensure health and safety of everyone.

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