Fevobot is now Integrated with Spectra Access Control System

We are in the phase of the Pandemic, where everyone is now trying to get back to their normal routine. But things are not the same anymore. The novel coronavirus has changed the way we live our everyday routine.

With this pandemic, Economy of the company has taken a big hit. Most countries have seen a decline in the GDP. With the unlock-2 phase in place, businesses are now trying to get back on their feet and a lot of companies are planning to start their offices.

With compulsion of masks and frequent use of sensitisation are some of the precautions people are taking. Measuring body temperature is one the key inclusion in the new government guidelines for opening offices. Fever is the most common symptom in most of the COVID positive cases.

We are very excited to share that the Fevobot is now integrated with the Spectra access control devices. So, now you can simply integrate the Fevobot with your existing Spectra device with the usb cable. This integration is going to revolutionise the way you keep a track of the body temperature of your staff and visitors. Here are some of the key features of the solution.

Automatic Body Temperature:

FevoBot performs fever-check without any human moderation. It is an independent system which works autonomous for fever screening at important check-points. The Fevobot has a proximity sensor which ensures that the person is well within the measurement range. The device also has a smart human detection system, which ensures the presence of human before taking readings.

No entry without temperature check:

Fevobot works seamlessly with the access control device. The staff member has to monitor the body temperature from fevobot after swiping the ID card. The door only opens if the temperature is well within the safe limit. This ensures that no person enters the office with COVID fever symptoms.

Super fast measurement:

Fevobot performs a temperature check within 0.5 sec with 99.5% accuracy. This makes Fevobot an ideal solution to screen a longer queue or a crowd at public hotspots.

No need for manual data entry:

Spectra access control system takes data from fevobot and transfers it to the central database along with the person identification. So eliminates the hassle of manual temperature monitoring and documentation on note. The company can store and access historical data.

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